Congratulations to all our members who participated in this year's ceremonies!

     Receiving Scapular

     - Jackie Haraksin, Mike Lobocki, Julieta Noel, James Peck, Margaret Tucker

     Temporary Promises

     - Pat Gregory, Mary McKelvey, Michelle Mulligan, Norma Partida

     Definitive Promises

     - Trish Butterbaugh, John Delaney, Kris Morris, Lee Rodell, Paula Sanger, Maryann Symancyk


     - Susan Mule, Therese Denman, Patrick Ingram

    Principal Celebrant and Homilist: Fr. Godfrey Chandya Lega, OCD 

     Ceremony Program/Handout 

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On this day our community attended a Day of Recollection at Mt. Claret Retreat Center in Phoenix.

The topic was the writings/teachings of Blessed Lucas of St. Joseph, martyr.  The lectures were given by Fr. Luis Ferroni, OCD of Santa Cruz Parish, Tucson.

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Here are some comments on Fr. Luis's presentation from members:


"For me there were two things that stuck out. They were the nakedness and the crown. They go hand-in-hand.
The thorns are the antidote to our pride. When pride is pierced with the thorns of Christ we can be naked before God and the world. Only the proud hide their nakedness. Only the proud are affected by humiliation."

- Kris

"Just the day before I was thinking how hard it was for me to meditate on the wounds of Jesus. I asked Our Lord to help me.  What a blessing to have my prayers answered and so soon!"

- Sharon


From the day of recollection I was challenged and comforted from the prayerful reading on Blessed Lucas of St. Joseph. The challenge was to be more attentive to see the face of Jesus properly in those in need. The comfort is that the crucifix awakens the assurance that I am loved.  No matter how much I think I am searching for Him, He is searching for me much more.

- Pat


Some of the devotions Bl. Lucas shares (e.g., "My Crucifix") are very tender and personal.  They're reflections on the love relationship one has with God. Was thinking they are almost too personal to be shared publicly.  But of course, the beauty of sharing them is that it gives us a wonderful example of the type of relationship we should have with Our Lord...